Keepgo API SIM

  • What is the Keepgo API SIM?

    The Keepgo API SIM is a SIM bundled with Keepgo IoT services designed especially with IoT and M2M applications in mind. These services allow various means of control over usage and expenses, as well as the ability to fully automate SIM management to better suit business needs.
  • What are the benefits of the API SIM?

    The major reasons to try the Keepgo API SIM include: The Keepgo API support for SIM control and lifecycle automation An administration platform which lets you perform various bulk SIM operations using a simple and efficient UI. Robust notification and reporting capabilities which allow you to re...
  • How does it work?

    As soon as you activate the API SIM through the Keepgo Connectivity Platform or Keepgo API, you only need to configure the APN settings. That's all! Your device will be connected to the Internet in the countries the API SIM covers.
  • Which countries are covered?

    For a full list of countries covered with network operators for each country click here.
  • What cellular technologies does API SIM support?

    API SIM supports LTE, 3G and 2G.
  • What SIM sizes can i order?

    You can order Chip SIM (MFF2 UICC) cards, also Standard, Micro, and  Nano-SIM cards.
  • What devices does the API SIM support?

    It supports all GSM devices with LTE/3G/2G.
  • What plans are available?

    The Keepgo API SIM offers only Pay-Per-MB plan with set rates per country for all API SIM cards. You pay only for the traffic that your API SIM card uses, without any hidden fees.
  • How can I manage my API SIM cards?

    You can manage your API SIM cards using the Keepgo Connectivity Platform or directly with the Keepgo API.
  • How can I use the Keepgo API?

    Once you have registered your account at Keepgo, you will receive the API key and instructions that will allow you to utilize the API. This information can also be found in the API section in the Keepgo Connectivity Platform.
  • How does the billing work?

    Your account has a USD balance to add funds through the platform or an account manager. Payment is accepted by credit card, PayPal,, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency. Please note that each cryptocurrency has a minimum payment limit. Your account has a minimum balance of the average daily ...
  • What is the minimum balance and how is it calculated?

    The minimum balance is listed on the top right of the platform under your account name and next to your available balance. It is calculated by taking the total usage for the past thirty days and dividing it by 30. If this daily average is less than $5.00 then the minimum balance for the account i...
  • Which API options are provided?

    We have developed API specifically for the API SIM. Keepgo API is a REST style API and offers a simple, secure and effective way to control API SIM lifecycle. With its help, you can send messages, receive extensive and up-to-date data usage, pricing, accounting, billing information, and more. Che...
  • Do you provide SMS with the SIM card?

    SMS messages can be sent to the API SIM using the Keepgo API or the Keepgo Connectivity Platform. One inbound or outbound SMS message costs 0.05$
  • Do you provide voice with the SIM card?

    Voice services are not available with the API SIM.
  • What are the APN settings for the API SIM?

    APN is: No username or password are required.