Keepgo Falcon SIM

  • What is Keepgo Falcon SIM?

    Keepgo Falcon SIM is designed to make the cellular devices you sell more appealing to potential customers. It also allows to proactively resolve device setup problems and prevent negative feedback or complaints from customers.
  • What options are available with Keepgo Falcon SIM?

    There are 3 ways to operate with a Keepgo Falcon SIM: Customer buys the SIM card kit separately In this case, you just update the selling listing of the device with a 10GB FREE offer and special price of $29 instead of $39 for the SIM card kit. You provide customers with the 10GB data bonus cou...
  • Can I get white-label with a Keepgo Falcon SIM?

    Yes, Keepgo offers white-label enterprise solutions. You can build your fast go-to-market solution without any contract or hidden fees. To get a quote for the option, please contact us via
  • How can I get a quote?

    You can get a quote using the contact form on the Falcon SIM page.
  • What plans are available with a Keepgo Falcon SIM?

    Keepgo Falcon SIM runs on a flexible GoFi Prepaid data plan, which provides the best coverage all over the USA and Europe and other advantages, like the same flat rate of $8/GB through all the countries, contract-free usage, taking full control of data consumption with Bill Protection, compatibil...
  • What is the coverage of Keepgo Falcon SIM?

    The Keepgo Falcon SIM works all over Europe and the USA on the best high-speed cellular networks. Check the coverage list.
  • Are my devices compatible with Keepgo Falcon SIM?

    The Keepgo Falcon SIM is compatible with all unlocked WiFi hotspots, GSM phones and tablets, including the ones designed and marketed by Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, TP-Link, Huawei, etc.
  • Does Keepgo offer support to my customers?

    Sure! Your customers can contact us with any questions and get support immediately. They can reach us by using the chat box on our website or by sending an email to
  • What SIM sizes are available?

    The Keepgo Falcon SIM is a Nano SIM which comes with Standard and Micro SIM adapters, which make the SIM card compatible with all SIM-enabled devices.